Advanced API usage

HTTP Method Override

The Daisycon API also supports the “HTTP Method Override”, which can be used in the following cases:
* Your GET request URL is too long resulting in the error: “Request-URI Too Long”
* Your HTTP proxy/firewall does not support arbitrary HTTP methods or newer HTTP methods (such as DELETE,PUT)

The “HTTP Method Override” allows you to use for example the POST method yet tell our API it should treat it as a GET method call.
To use the “HTTP Method Override” simply add the “X-HTTP-Method-Override” header to your API call, with one of these values:
* GET for a GET request
* PUT for a PUT request
* DELETE for a DELETE request

CURL example publisher program service:
curl -u username:password -v –data “program_id=1,2,3,4,5,6,7……filter params go here” -H “X-HTTP-Method-Override: GET” -X POST{publisher_id}/programs?page=1&per_page=100